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Missoula College, the two-year unit of the University of Montana, provides outstanding occupational and technical education covering 40 programs. Areas of study include business, culinary, legal studies, healthcare professions, information technology, industrial and construction technology. An Associate of Arts general education program is also available to students desiring a transfer degree for a baccalaureate degree program. Most programs begin in the fall with some programs offering spring entry.

Students completing two and three-semester programs in the career and technical programs earn a Certificate of Applied Science degree, while students completing four-semester programs earn an Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Art, or Associate of Science degree. Workforce education is offered through not-for-credit training or credit training that may result in a badge or microcredential.

Academic Pathways

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Prospective Students

Prostpective Sudents checking out the campus
Your college career is important. These years provide a foundation for success.  At Missoula College of the University of Montana, we take those words seriously.  From our Transformational Learning Opportunities in and out of the classroom - education experience that change the way you think, feel, and look at the world around you - to our Academic Advising Center, everything has been designed with you in mind.  We want you to be successful from your very first day at New Student Orientation throughout your lifetime.  The skills and knowledge you gain at Missoula College can be used as you advance in your studies and your career as a productive member of an ever-changing global society.  
Our campus is nestled at the base of five valleys, against a mountain with Montana’s most-hiked trail.  We can also tell you about our ski hills, rivers, music festivals, biking trails, our campus recreation center, and the unlimited backcountry access that defines living and studying where people vacation. Or, we could tell you about the feeling you get when 30,000 people sing our college fight song in unison on fall day in Washington-Grizzly Stadium. But the magic that happens off campus is equally inspiring as what happens in our classrooms, buildings, lectures and events. Because what weaves this all together is your unique path, and a deep commitment to place your success and individual journey at the center of everything we do. At Missoula College,  we don’t pride ourselves on who we don’t admit. We believe the heart of a Grizzly is in everyone and any individual potential can be harnessed and developed into a life of impact.

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