Welcome to Missoula College!

Message from the Dean 

Shannon O'BrienHere at Missoula College, students are studying hard, faculty and staff are focused on student success and our new building is taking shape. As dean, I get a great deal of joy by leaving my office and becoming inspired by our students’ courage and work ethic. So many have overcome great challenges to be here, and learning about them is a source of motivation and inspiration. 

I spend an equal amount of time off campus, meeting with private industry representatives and listening to their needs. Primarily, I spend my time asking for partnerships. Missoula College is vitally dependent on private industry to guide our understanding of the skills and knowledge our graduates need to excel in the workforce. 

It is my goal that our students can find work in the state they love after they graduate. It is my goal that employers fill positions with local talent up to the task. We succeed when we work together to train the people we have, to do the work they love.

Our success is because Missoula College faculty and staff spend time in and out of the classroom creating opportunities for our students. It is their work on the ground, in boardrooms and at job sites that keeps us nimble and responsive to the needs of the workforce. Let them help you decide your tomorrow.