Montana Osprey Project

About The Project

The Montana Osprey Project is a long-term study of osprey ecology and heavy metal contamination in Montana's upper Clark Fork River and its tributaries. Funding for this project is made possible by the University of Montana, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, several small grants and donations. Outreach and educational work is supported by a grant from the Montana Natural Resources Damage Program.

The Live Cam

As part of the Montana Osprey Project's work, two livestreaming nest cams run in Missoula (Hellgate Canyon) and Lolo (Dunrovin Ranch). The Missoula cam can be seen from the new Missoula College River Campus parking lot on the eastern side. The Hellgate Canyon osprey, Louis and Iris, call the nest home from spring to fall, then migrate in the winter. Louis and Iris also have an active international following, and the Twitter account @HellgateOsprey, keeps the community up-to-date.

Both of the cams are educational tools that bring the wonders of nature and science closer to home. Enjoy and share what you've learned!

Upcoming Events

Research Adventure with Erick Greene
Saturday, September 9  | Noon - 2 pm at Missoula College
Learn about the Montana Osprey Project with Dr. Erick Greene in this free research adventure.  The Osprey Project is a long-term study of Osprey ecology and heavy metal contamination in the Clark Fork River.  Meet in the lobby of Missoula College's River Campus to hear about this exciting project and view the Osprey nest.