Beginning in August 2017, students, staff, and faculty who wish to drive and park at Missoula College will need to purchase a University of Montana parking permit. This permit will be valid on both Missoula College campuses and the mountain campus. Hourly paid parking will be available for visitors.

Alternatives to parking a vehicle at the new River Campus include bike parking and both ASUM UDash and Mountain Line buses. We are also exploring possible locations for a Park n' Ride near East Missoula.

There are 389 parking spaces at the new campus, along with 100 bike parking spaces. For additional information on costs, parking regulations, and more, visit the University of Montana Police Department.

Purchase a Parking Pass

Students can request parking passes through their Cyberbear account.

Faculty and staff will fill out  the 'Faculty/Staff Parking Permit Request Form' and send to to the University of Montana Police Department.

Visitors will be able to park in hourly pay parking spaces.

Parking Map

To enlarge or print this map, simply click the image below to open a PDF link.

Parking map of Missoula College's new building