Elizabeth Graham

Portrait of Elizabeth Graham Elizabeth Graham has put in the time and dedication to succeed in both Missoula College coursework and her apprenticeship with Allegiance Benefit Plan Management. She is one of the first apprenticeship students to graduate from Missoula College!

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with her about her apprenticeship experience and time at Missoula College. Congratulations on graduating, Elizabeth!

What are you studying at Missoula College? When will you graduate?
I graduated in May 2018 with a Medical Claims Service Specialist certificate.

How did you get involved with the apprenticeship at Allegiance? What was the process like?
I saw a commercial for the apprenticeship and thought it sounded like a great opportunity to start a new career and still be able to further my education. All I had to do was apply at Allegiance and go through the regular hiring process, then register for my classes. It was super easy, and the people at Allegiance were super flexible and helpful when it came to my school work.

What does an average school/work day look like for you?
In the mornings at work I do all of the regular tasks a Claims Examiner does and needs to get done, then I use the last two hours of the day for school work: whether that's tests, homework, or studying.

Do you have any favorite moments during your apprenticeship? Any exceptional skills that you have learned?
My favorite thing about the apprenticeship has been the ability to work in the field I’m going to school for and really apply what I’m learning to my work every day. It’s pretty cool and rare that I’m able to do something like this; not many places offer this kind of program. And it really goes both ways: sometimes I’ll be working on a quiz or homework and I’ll know the answer from something I have learned at work, which I think is pretty awesome!

How have your Missoula College classes prepared you for the apprenticeship?
I really am learning the exact skills that directly apply to my job. There isn’t a class that has't included a topic or skill that I wouldn’t use day-to-day. I feel that the more I learn in school, the more I understand my job. Insurance can be very confusing. Learning the skills in school has enabled me to understand the work I am doing in more detail than I would have from solely working and learning on the job.

What advice would you give to prospective Allegiance apprentices?
Pay close attention in your classes: the knowledge that you get from those classes really helps your work. I think classes help you pick up things a lot faster and it really does help with becoming more confident and comfortable with what you are doing.

What’s next for you after graduation?
I will continue at Allegiance and hopefully work my way up to working from home. I am very excited to be graduating and continuing my career at such a great company!

May 2018