Keri Lunak-Douglas

Keri Lunak-Douglas

“Missoula College gave me the confidence to go on to UM, but Missoula College helped me the most in ‘real life.’” – Keri Lunak-Douglas, class of 2010

Keri Lunak-Douglas grew up in Browning, Montana, on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation. The very day of her high school graduation, she moved to Missoula. Keri worked as a server in Missoula for the next three years.

By age 21, she decided to move to Spokane and study radiology because she thought it would lead to a good job, not because she was particularly interested in it.

For Keri, an unfulfilling career wasn’t cutting it. She moved back to Montana and enrolled at Missoula College, mostly to get her general course requirements out of the way and decide what she would major in. She took Intro to Business with Professor Niki Robinson during her first semester.

“Intro to Business changed my career path. I found my passion!” Keri said. “I love business.”

Keri completed the required 90-hour internship at a CPA firm and a law office and graduated with a degree in Administrative Management in 2012.

Then, being chosen for a highly sought-after internship, Keri took a position at Direct TV.

Not finished with her education, however, Keri went on to the University of Montana to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 2012.

“Missoula College gave me the confidence to go on to UM,“ Keri recalled, “but Missoula College helped me the most in ‘real life.’”

Since earning her degree, Keri worked for Guild Mortgage for 4 years, starting part-time and working her way up to Assistant Loan Originator and then Loan Processor. She is currently in a new position with a new firm as Transaction Manager for Jason Baker Real Estate Team where she continues to learn and grow.

Although Keri felt her entire experience at Missoula College was memorable, the best part was getting to know a group of students that all graduated together.

“Engage with other students to succeed,” Keri recommends, “and communicate a ‘can do’ attitude.”

Keri’s work ethic, enthusiasm, and quest for learning have led her to succeed in the business world and also given her a path to help others.

“Now I am in a position to help people buy a home, obtain a loan, and work through the entire process,” she said. “It is very rewarding.”

For more information about the Business Administration Program please visit their webpage here.