Melissa Running Crane-Augare

American Indian Mentor Program

The American Indian Mentor Program (AIMP) is a brand new Missoula College program. Our goal is to help all Missoula College students feel welcomed and supported - whether this is discovering resources we offer, or having a friendly conversation with our mentor. Every week our AIMP mentor, Melissa Running Crane-Augare, will be at either the Missoula College Library or on mountain campus for Soup Wednesday in the Payne Native American Center. She will help with information about University of Montana or Missoula College, resources, referrals, or to simply provide a quiet studying space.

Spring 2017 Hours

Missoula College Library
Noon to 1:30pm every other Wednesday

  • March 1, 15, 29
  • April 12, 26
  • May 10

Mountain Campus Soup Wednesday
12:15pm - 1:30pm every other Wednesday. Soup Wednesday is a free event for all members of the Missoula College and University community, and provides a free soup lunch and opportunity to meet others.

  • March 8, 22
  • April 5, 19
  • May 3

Meet Our AIMP Mentor: Melissa Running Crane-Augare

Portrait of Melissa Running Crane-AugareMelissa is an enrolled member from the Blackfeet Reservation, and began her studies at the Blackfeet Community College in Pre-Nursing and General Math and Science. She is the proud mom to two kids, Madison (9) and Matthew (7), and transfered from the Accounting Technology program at Missoula College to mountain campus last fall to continue her studies.

Q. How did you get involved with the American Indian Mentor Program (AIMP)?
I was recommended by my Missoula College advisor, Lisa Swallow, for the program and was excited for the opportunity. I spent some time mentoring after I graduated from high school with younger students, and am looking forward to working with college students through AIMP.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your role as the AIMP mentor?
I attend Soup Wednesdays every other Wednesday, and on the opposite Wednesday I'm at the Missoula College Library from noon to 1:30pm. At the library I have a room reserved in the back for the AIMP. This space essentially is for students who need a quiet place to study or who need help with anything - from Missoula College or University of Montana resources to general information - or to just sit and chat.

Q. What has your experience with the AIMP program been so far?
We're currently working on flyers for next month and encouraging students to come. Anyone can attend! The goal for the American Indian Mentor Program is to support all of Missoula College's students and provide a space where they feel welcome and supported. I also encourage everyone to come to Soup Wednesdays on mountain campus! Not only do you have the chance to eat a delicious, free hot soup, but the community and conversations on Soup Wednesdays are wonderful.

Q. What advice would you give to other students considering attending Missoula College?
I would say that a big benefit of attending Missoula College is that you get a lot of one-on-one time with your advisor. If you need help, it’s easy to go and chat with you advisor. They get to know you and your goals, both academically and for the future.

February 2017