Sean Quartz

Headshot of Sean McClure, Communications Studies graduateMany of our students begin their studies at Missoula College and then transfer on to the University of Montana or another University to receive their Bachelor's degree. We had the opportunity to sit down with Sean Quartz to talk about how his time spent in our Communications program prepared him for his studies on mountain campus. Sean is graduating with his Bachelor's degree on May 13, and will be entering into UM's Communications Studies graduate program in Fall 2017.

When did you study at Missoula College? What are you currently studying at the University of Montana?
In 2015, I received my Associate’s degree in Communications from Missoula College. Afterwards, I transferred to the University of Montana and will be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies (minor in Environmental Studies and Climate Change) this semester.

This fall I am excited to be entering into UM’s Communication Studies graduate program, with a focus on rhetoric studies. I will also be teaching Public Speaking as a part of a competitive teaching assistantship in the program. I'm really looking forward to studying the discursive methods of scientists who are deciding to be politically active.

How did Missoula College prepare you for transferring to UM?
I am so thankful that I went to Missoula College for my Associate’s degree. The quality of the classes at Missoula College, and the level of the education that I received, gave me the ability to find my passion.

I have so many Missoula College professors who helped me get to where I am today. I had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant for Greg Peters, and through this discovered that I really enjoy teaching. Other standout classes included Interpersonal Communication with Jen Geist, Public Speaking with Cassandra Hemphill, and Visual Rhetoric with Kim Reiser. Cassandra gave me the opportunity to be a teaching assistant for her Public Speaking class as well, and she really taught me how to be a thoughtful teacher. Without this teaching assistantship, I doubt that I would have received the opportunity for my upcoming teaching assistantship at UM.

I’ve always had a passion for environment, but also enjoyed communication studies. I quickly realized that components of both topics were relevant to each other, and that I could actually study both. This really laid the foundation for me to figure out what I wanted to do and have the background to reach these goals.

I would also say that the care and attentiveness of the professors at Missoula College really helped foster my growth. They gave me a lot of opportunities that really helped show me that I’m capable of doing good things for the world, and there are so many opportunities out there to do so. I’m so thankful for that, and I still have a relationship with a lot of my professors.

What was the best advice you received while attending Missoula College, and from whom?
When I was trying to decide if I should study Communications or Environmental Studies, Greg Peters told me, “Regardless of what you do, I’m sure it will be of value to the world.” It took a lot of pressure off from making a decision between the two.

From your experience at Missoula College, what advice would you give to a student considering attending Missoula College with the hope to transfer to UM?
The quality of education that you will receive here will prepare you for the rest of your life, and it’s absolutely worth it. While on your path for getting your degree, starting at Missoula College is a really cost-effective choice that’s going to give you a great start at the University of Montana. The quality of education is outstanding, as are the faculty and staff.

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May 2017