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Missoula College Academic Advising Center

AA Areas of Emphasis

There are a number of areas of emphasis within the AA degree. These emphases are meant to help students learn about a specialized area or expertise. Please see below for a list of these areas and the contact information for the specific advisor of each.

NOTE: Students who pursue an area of epmhasis are awarded a general Associate of Arts degree, not an AA in the area they are studying.

Area of Emphasis Information Contact/Advisor
Chemical Addiction Studies By pursuing this emphasis, students complete both a general Associate of Arts degree and the preparatory coursework required to become a licensed addictions counselor. Dr. Linda EagleHeart
(406) 243-7906
HB 02
Communication Studies There are two areas of emphasis within this subject: communication studies and professional communication. AA Baccalaureate Tracks are available for both areas; more information is found on our Baccalaureate Tracks webpage. Kim Reiser
(406) 243-7839
HB 02
Police Science Designed to be an AA degree for recent hires in various law enforcement departments in the state. This program is designed to be an additional educational opportunity for students enrolled in the MLEA Law Enforcement Officer Basic Course. An AA Baccalaureate Track is available for this area of emphasis. Cathy Corr, AASC Chair
(406) 243-7903
HB 02

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