Missoula College Advising Directory

Who is My Advisor?

Students pursuing the general AA degree or the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree are advised through the Academic Advising Center.

  • NOTE: Prospective BAS students must review the BAS Overview webpage for instructions on how to pursue academic advising.

Pre-Nursing students at Missoula College that have completed less than 60 credits can contact Maryann Dunbar for advising at maryann.dunbar@umontana.edu.  Pre-Nursing students with more than 60 credits or a completed degree need to contact Missoula College Nursing Program Director, Linda Barnes, at linda.barnes@mso.umt.edu for advising and registration assistance.

Students attending Bitterroot College are advised by Jamie Standaert. You may set an appointment with her by calling (406) 375 - 0100 or by emailing her at jamie.standaert@mso.umt.edu. Information related to advising at Bitterroot College is available on Bitterroot College's Academic Advising webpage.

Students pursuing a 4-year degree on the mountain campus are advised through their individual departments. Visit the Undergraduate Advising Center's Advising Directory webpage for a list of all departmental advisors.

Students pursuing a specific AAS degree or certificate are advised by faculty members within their specific program. Below you will find the contact information for the primary advisor for each program, organized by department.

Applied Computing and Engineering Technology

Steve Shen
Email: steve.shen@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7914

Computer Aided Design website

Business Technology

Lisa Swallow
Email: lisa.swallow@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7810

Accounting Technology website
Cheryl Galipeau
Email: cheryl.galipeau@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7874

Administrative Management website

Aimee Elliott
Email: aimee.elliott@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7880

Hospitality Management website

Carlton Galbreath
Email: carlton.galbreath@mso.umt.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7873

Management website

Michelle Boller
Email: michelle.boller@mso.umt.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7877

Paralegal Studies website
Nina Broshar, Administrative Associate
Email: nina.broshar@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7805

Business Technology Department website

Health Professions

Michelle Boller
Email: michelle.boller@mso.umt.edu 
Phone: (406) 243-7907

Medical Assisting website

Pre-Nursing Students:  

To make an appointment with one of the pre-nursing advisors, students access the appointment scheduler online via the UM Starfish system (http://www.umt.edu/starfish).  The website provides step-by-step instructions on how to schedule an appointment.

For general questions: AcademicAdvisingCenter@umontana.edu

Registered Nursing Students:
Linda Barnes
Email: linda.barnes@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7875

Nursing website

Dan Funsch
Email: dan.funsch@mso.umt.edu 
Phone: (406) 243-7907

Radiologic Technologist website

Paul Crockford
Email: paul.crockford@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7918

Respiratory Care website

Jill Davis
Email: jill1.davis@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7846

Surgical Technology website

Cyndi Stary, Administrative Associate
Email: cyndi.stary@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7846

Health Professions Department website

Industrial Technology

Susan Graham
Email: susan.graham@mso.umt.edu 
Phone: (406) 243-7870

Commercial Driver's License Training website

Jim Headlee
Email: Jim.Headlee@mso.umt.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7648

Diesel Technology website

John Freer
Email: john.freer@mso.umt.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7668

Facility Management Engineering website

Larry Reinholz
Email: lawrence1.reinholz@umontana.edu 
Phone: (406) 243-7643

Heavy Equipment Operation website

Zach Reddig
Email: zachary.reddig@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7644

Precision Machine Technology website

John Freer 
Email: john.freer@mso.umt.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7668

Sustainable Construction website

Zach Reddig
Email: zachary.reddig@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-7644

Welding Technology website