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Missoula College Academic Advising Center

UM Dates & Deadlines

Sometimes it's hard to keep straight all of the dates and deadlines by which students must abide, on top of homework, work, and real life! Below are links to various dates & deadlines websites.

Fall 2014 Registration Deadlines: A document that provides you with all course add/drop/change deadlines for the semester.

Fall 2014 Business Services' Student Services: Payment and withdrawal refund deadlines may be found here. The Business Services website also provides information on tuition/fee rates and other financial resources.

UM's Official Dates & Deadlines Calendar: This all-encompassing UM calendar posts all academic & payment deadlines, as well as upcoming lectures, plays, and other campus events.

Provost's Calendar for 2014-2015 Academic Year: Lists all semester start/end dates, holidays, and days off for this academic year. Also links to past and future academic years.

Registrar's Office Dates & Deadlines Calendar Archives

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