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Montana University System Transfer Core (MUS Core)

As explained on the Montana University System website, the Montana University System Transfer Core (MUS Core) is a set of lower-division general education requirements "recognized by all community, tribal, and publicly-funded colleges and universities in the State of Montana." Students may begin fulfilling MUS Core requirements at one Montana institution and, if they complete at least 20 MUS Core credits, they may finish the remaining Core requirements at the other institution. Should the student transfer to a second institution before the completion of 20 MUS Core credits, s/he must satisfy that receiving institution's general education requirements.

The MUS Core is comprised of the six categories listed below. A letter grade of C- or better required for all courses. (Grades of CR cannot be used to fulfill MUS Core.) Double-dipper courses (i.e. courses counting toward multiple categories) are not permitted for the MUS Core.

  • Natural Science, 6 credits: At least one course taken must have a laboratory experience.
  • Social Sciences/History, 6 credits
  • Mathematics, 3 credits: If taken at UM, the course must be at level 104 or higher.
  • Communication, 6 credits: One course taken must satisfy a written communication emphasis (WRIT 101, 201, or 240 at UM) and the other course must have an oral communication emphasis.
  • Humanities/Fine Arts, 6 credits
  • Cultural Diversity, 3 credits

In addition to the categories above, students must ensure that at least one course they take during their college career has "significant content related to the cultural heritage of Native Americans."

Each institution has its own set of courses designated as counting towards the MUS Core. Please visit with your UM advisor to discuss the courses you may take here to count towards the MUS Core.

Also, note that transfer students seeking a baccalaureate degree may still need to complete any campus-specific upper-division general education requirements. 

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