Baccalaureate Degree Pathway for BS in Health Care Informatics

The healthcare industry is among the fasting growing segments of the economy. The implementation of information technology in the healthcare industry has led to the creation of the electronic medical and health records. Clinical Healthcare Information Technology is a specialized segment of the industry requiring expertise in clinical healthcare and information technology. Missoula College has partnered with Montana Tech of the University of Montana (Butte) in developing a baccalaureate degree pathway in Health Care Informatics.

Using this pathway, the student earns the Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) in Computer Support and Associate of Arts degree while at Missoula College. This pathway provides students with a 2 + 2 transfer program to Montana Tech of the University of Montana. Students follow  a specialized Associate of Arts degree plan and a series of Health Care Informatics course,

The suggested curriculum fulfills requirements for the Montana University System (MUS) General Education Transfer Core and the first two years of the Health Care Informatics degree at Montana Tech.  At the end of a student’s two-years in Missoula, the student is awarded the general Associate of Arts degree and the Certificate of Applied Science in Computer Support. The curriculum developed is a partnership between Applied Computing & Electronics and Health Professions.

Recommended Plan of Study:

  1. Complete requirements for the Certificate of Applied Science in Computer Support: BGEN 105S, CSCI 105, CSCI 110, CSCI 172, ITS 150, ITS 165 (CRT 112), ITS 210, ITS 280, ITS 289, M 115 or M 121, and WRIT 101.
  2. Complete all requirements for the Montana University System (MUS) General Education Core
  3. Complete the following Health Care Informatics required courses:  AHMS 144, AHMS 270E or CSCI 215E, BIOH 201/202, BIOH 211/212, COMX 111A, CSCI 240, HIT 101, and HIT 265.
  4. Complete a minimum of 60 credits.
  5. Complete all General Education coursework with a grade of C- or better and program specific coursework with a B- or higher.

Matriculation Agreement:

The following substitutions have been articulated with Montana Tech of the University of Montana for Missoula College UM students:

UM - Missoula College

UM - Montana Tech

CSCI  172

CAPP  156

CSCI  215 or AHMS  270

HCI    2106

CSCI  240

CAPP  158

ITS    150

ITS    236

Suggested Sequence of Courses

First Year:

Course # Course Description Fall Spring  Summer
BGEN 105S Intro to Business 3    
CSCI 105 Computer Fluency 3    
COMX 111 Oral Communications 3    
M 121 College Algebra 3    
WRIT 101 College Writing 3    
Total 15    
AHMS 144 Medical Terminology   3  
CSCI 110 Programming: VB I   3  
CSCI 172 Introduction to Computer Modeling   3  
HIT 101 Introduction to Health IT   3  
ITS 150 CCNA 1 Networking   3  
Total   15  
HIT 265 EHR in the Medical Practice     3
Total     3

Second Year:

Course #  Course Description Fall Spring  Summer
BIOH 201/202 Anatomy & Phys. I w/Lab 4    
  Humanties/Fine Arts Elective 3    
ITS 165 Operating System Commands & Scripts 3    
CSCI 240 Databases & SQL 3    
  Social Sciences Elective    3    
Total 16  
BIOH 211/212 Anatomy & Phys. II w/Lab   4  
CSCI 215E Computer Ethics or AHMS 270E Medical Ethics   3  
ITS 210 Cultural Diversity Elective: Cultural Heritage - Native American   3  
ITS 210 Network OS: Desktop   3  
ITS 280 Computer Repair   3  
ITS 289 Prof. Cert – A+  (1 cr.)   1  
Total   17  
Total     0

Total Credits: 66

For further information on how the above courses fullfill specific requirements for the Certificate in Computer Support, the MUS Core, and the program requirements for Montana Tech's BS in Health Care Informatics, see the requirements page.