Completion of Requirements

Upon completion of the suggested course work, students will have earned a General AA degree that meets the requirements for a Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) in Computer Support, the MUS core for maximum transferability of General Education requirements, and courses specifically required by the 2+2 articulation agreement with Montana Tech for a BS in Health Care Informatics.  Details regarding which courses fulfill each of these requirements can be found below.

Course # Course Description CAS MUS BS
AHMS 144 Medical Terminology     x
BGEN 105S Intro to Business x x x
BIOH 201/202 Anatomy & Phys. I w/Lab   x x
BIOH 211/212 Anatomy & Phys. II w/Lab   x x
COMX 111 Oral Communications   x x
CSCI 105 Computer Fluency x    
CSCI 110 Programming: VB I x   x
CSCI 172 Introduction to Computer Modeling x   x
CSCI 215E Computer Ethics or AHMS 270E Medical Ethics x x x
CSCI 240 Databases & SQL     x
HIT 101 Introduction to Health IT     x
HIT 265 EHR in the Medical Practice     x
ITS 150 CCNA 1 Networking x   x
ITS 165 Operating System Commands & Scripts x
ITS 210 Network OS: Desktop x
ITS 280 Computer Repair x   x
ITS 289 Prof. Cert – A+  (1 cr.) x    
M 121 College Algebra x x x
WRIT 101 College Writing x x x
  Cultural Diversity Elective: Cultural Heritage - Native American    x  
  Humanities/Fine Arts Elective   x  
  Social Sciences Elective      x