Cybersecurity Professional Certification

Program Description

Program Director: Dianne Burke

Network and Information Security is the practice of ensuring the integrity of data and the safety of users in a LAN, WAN, and Internet computing environment.

The Cybersecurity Professional Certificate is designed to prepare computer and networking professionals for a career in the emerging field of computer security by providing advanced experience in the areas of business continuity, computer system design, contingency planning, data integrity, risk assessment and mitigation techniques, security investigation, and troubleshooting.  

Students will apply security procedures used by IT professionals in access control, computer forensics, cryptography, enterprise security, information assurance, network security, software development security, and disaster recovery.

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Prerequisite Skills

Prerequisite skills needed to succeed in this certification program are met with a degree in Network Management or related field or equivalent work experience.

It would be helpful for incoming students to have industry certifications such as A+, CCNA, Microsoft Servers, Net+, Security+ to establish an appropriate baseline skill set.


Completion of four  4-credit courses with a minimum grade of C-:

ITS 271  Securing Desktop and Mobile Devices

ITS 273  Securing LANs

ITS 275  Border/Perimeter Network Security

ITS 277  Software Assurance & File System Internals

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Fall courses

ITS 275 Border/Perimeter Network Security

ITS 277 Software Assurance and File System Internals

Spring courses

ITS 271 Securing Desktop and Mobile Devices

ITS 273 Securing LANs

Total Credits: 16

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