Computer Support

Certificate of Applied Science

Program Director: Victor Valgenti

The Certificate of Appied Science in Computer Support is essentially the first year of the IT AAS degree.  Students pursuing their AAS may obtain this credential in the course of completing their degree program. 

Students are accepted into the program autumn and spring terms.  Students entering the program should be prepared with basic computing skills (file management, keyboarding, word processing, and Internet applications) and adequate preparation in mathematics (completion of M 090 or equivalent placement scores recommended). 

Underprepared students should allocate an additional semester to the suggested four semester sequence.  Some classes are available online.  All students attempt at least one industry certification and complete at least one online course.  

Academically prepared students can complete the Associate of Applied Science degree and at least one industry certification within two years.

Industry Certification

Students pursuing the CAS in Computer Support will complete the CompTIA A+ Computer Support Professional Industry Certification.

Consumer Information on Gainful Employment

Computer Support/Computer Support Specialist, Certificate of Applied Science


Contact Information

Victor Valgenti - Program Director
Phone: 406-243-7913

Nina Broshar - Administrative Assistant
Phone: 406-243-7805