Certificate of Technical Skills

We are currently not admitting new students to these programs. Please contact Steve Shen, Department Chair, with any questions.

Electrician’s Helper

DC Circuit Analysis 3 cr.
AC Circuit Analysis 3 cr.
Fund. of Electrical Tech 4 cr.
Safety/Rigging + OSHA 10   3 cr.
Technical Math 3 cr.
TOTAL: 16 cr.

This CTS assists student in entering the workforce as an electrician’s helper and/or to enter into an apprenticeship.

Energy Auditor/Comissioning Agent

College Algebra 3 cr.
Intro to Business 3 cr.
Intro to Sustainable Energy 3 cr.
Power Systems Technology   3 cr.
Building Energy Efficiency 3 cr.
Energy Practicum 3 cr.
TOTAL: 18 cr.

This CTS provides students with knowledge to perform the duties of an energy auditor, assist with building commissioning, or to enter into an electrician apprenticeship. Program graduates work in electricity distribution, wind, and solar energy fields.

Recycling Technologist

Issues in Sustainability             3 cr.
Project Management 3 cr.
Intro to Sustainable Energy II 3 cr.
Recycling Technology               3 cr.

Alternative Fuels

3 cr.
TOTAL: 15 cr.

This CTS assists students with an entry level placement into the growing recycling and reclamation industries. Getting recyclables from waste bins to manufacturers requires a variety of skilled workers.

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