Spring Course

Energy Technology Capstone

3 Credits

NRGY 299

This course is not offered online.

No sample syllabus available.

Students participate in an energy technology design, build, testing, and competition.  Previous examples include participation in the Shell EcoMarathon and the American Society of Mechanical Engineering Human Powered Vehicle Challenge.

This course is very time intensive and will require meetings outside of regularly scheduled class times.  

Travel to competition is strongly encouraged, but not required.  This course is repeatable.


Can I take the class more than once?

Students can repeat the course up to three times.  This allows students to carry forward and share their experience and knowledge with newer students while using skills gained to improve upon their designs. 

How many times will it count towards my graduation requirements?

This course is an energy elective.  To graduate with an AAS in Energy Technology, students must complete 15 credits of energy electives.  This course may count as 6 of those 15 credits, so it can be counted towards your graduation requirements twice. 

Where can I find out more about the Solar Car project?

The solar car project is part of the Shell EcoMarathon Challenge.  Details on the event from Shell can be found at: http://www.shell.com/home/content/ecomarathon/. 

Where can I find out more about the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge?

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers maintains the following webpage about the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge: http://www.asme.org/events/competitions/human-powered-vehicle-challenge-%28hpvc%29.

Students who participated in the project last year maintained a blog at http://www.cleny.com/energy/.

What is STEED?

STEED is the Sustainable Transportation Energy Engineering Design club. It has applied for recognition from ASUM. 

How are these projects funded?

The initial budget has been established by a mini-grant, however costs greatly exceed the starting budget.  Students participate in a variety of fundraising activities.  Please see our fundraising letter for more information.

This sounds awesome!  How can I donate?

Monetary donations to the projects can be processed through the UM Foundation online.

If you would like to donate space, labor, or materials, please contact Professor Bradley Layton at 243-7865 or bradley.layton@umontana.edu