Spring Course

Securing Networks

4 Credits

ITS 273

This course is offered online.

Sample Syllabus

This is the second course in the four-course series for the Network and Information Security Professional Certificate.

Course provides advanced technical information and relevant skills to secure servers and business information. Building on existing knowledge and skills in the areas of server management, network management, and security, students will gain mastery-level knowledge of security issues and best practices. Students will examine and apply hardening techniques to operating systems and infrastructure-based applications. Strategies to ensure business continuity and data security are emphasized, including policy, data preservation, disaster preparedness, and disaster recovery. Legal guidelines and requirements, both domestic and international, are examined in the context of responsible and ethical computer use. Course content will focus on business-focused security practices to prepare students for the Security+, CISSP, and Security Pro industry certifications.

Prerequisite Skills:
Course builds upon established skills in security, server management, and network management. Students should be working as a network manager or have completed appropriate skills-based coursework (example: ITS 212 Network O.S. - Server Admin, ITS 214 Network O.S. - Infrastructure, and ITS 222 Enterprise Security Seminar).

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