Prospective & Incoming Students

Welcome to the Department of Applied Computing and Engineering Technology!  

This department specializes in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. We offer two Certificates of Applied Science in either Computer Aided Design or Computer Support, and three Associate of Applied Science degrees in Electronics Technology, Energy Technology, and Information Technology.

Before you can be accepted to our department, you must apply to and be accepted to the Missoula College UM.  In order to be accepted to our department, your application must be processed in admissions and your must have taken your math and writing placement exams by August 10 (fall semester admissions) or January 10 (spring semester admissions).  You may be admitted to the pre-program at the discretion of the department if your application is processed after the deadline. 

Incoming Students

Note:  This is not a requirement for admission to Missoula College, but it is a requirement for admission to the Department of Applied Computing and Engineering Technology unless you have taken college level math and writing at another institution.

  • Made arrangements for transcripts for any college coursework not completed at the University of Montana to be sent to the Registrar's office at the Missoula College (not main campus). 

If you still need to complete these tasks, please click on the Next Steps link. If you have completed these tasks, you are ready to see an advisor. 

Why Meet with an Advisor?

Your advisor understands the university system and culture. They are knowledgeable about program requirements, graduation requirements, and university policies and procedures. Your advisor can help you figure out how to schedule your classes, work around life obligations, and how to meet your academic and life goals. We are here to help!

Schedule an Appointment

To make an appointment to meet with a faculty advisor, please contact Nina Broshar at 243-7805 or  

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  • Copies of your transcript (unofficial is acceptable) if you have taken college courses before entering the program.
  • Your placement scores from the ALEKS and eCompass placement exams.

Our ability to accurately advise you is limited if you do not bring these items with you. For more information visit our Academic Advising page.