Social Media Management

Social Media Management Concentration
Cheryl Galipeau, Program Director

If you are outgoing, energetic, computer savvy and communicate well, you may consider a career in social media! Social media is growing as a preferred multi-generational communication medium personally and professionally. Through the Administrative Management, Social Media Management option, you will explore social media platforms and how social media is effectively used to target and attract multiple audiences, build relationships, and promote a presence using new and traditional marketing communications methods. Courses develop your skills in producing creative written content for online and print publications, creating and editing images, producing and editing video, and incorporating search engine optimization strategies for user-centered and accessible design in an online environment. You will use real-time analytics across various social media platforms to understand customer patterns and improve the customer experience and brand’s profile by producing and publishing relevant, engaging and sharable content. Graduates are well prepared to evaluate suitability of media content and practices according to expected professional and ethical responsibilities in our global society.

 An Associate of Applied Science Degree in Administrative Management, Social Media Management option prepares successful graduates for careers in product promotion, marketing and communications and more in a variety of business settings such as product or service related businesses, non-profit, educational, and healthcare organizations.

 Academically prepared students entering autumn semester may complete the program in four semesters as outlined below. Students entering spring should meet with an advisor prior to selecting courses.

 Student Outcomes:

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  • Formulate service policies for excellent customer service management
  • Apply service-level decisions to develop staff, enhance customer loyalty, and deal with challenges and conflicts while serving both internal and external customers
  • Demonstrate the workplace skills of effective communication (oral, written, nonverbal), problem-solving, managing interpersonal relationships and collaborating with teams, thinking critically, and leadership
  • Ethically use research and the tools of technology to create and organize business documents efficiently, accurately, and artfully designed
  • Design and develop effective online solutions incorporating search engine and social media optimization strategies, attractive user-centered and accessible design for multiple platforms, mobility, and devices relevant to organizational goals and targets
  • Plan for career development by creating standard employment documents and honing personal presentation skills
  • Understand, appreciate, and recognize opportunities of diverse populations and cultures
  • Promote a positive organizational presence through marketing, advertising and relationship building for online and traditional organizational communications and publications
  • Create quality digital images using fundamentals of photography, videography and digital editing
  • Analyze, monitor and contrast social media categories and sharing platforms appropriate for consumers who actively participate in today’s marketing processes
  • Identify social objects, paid media, earned media, owned media and curated media
  • Create, deliver and calendar engaging and shareable social media content
  • Explore advertising media, budget plans, ad campaign designs, and in-house promotion designs, for radio, television, online and print
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior by following social media policies, copyright guidelines, and transparency and disclosure practices
  • Be enthusiastic, creative and realistic

 Related Job Titles:

  • Social Media Editor
  • Product Promotion
  • Marketing Communications Associate
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Community Manager

Further Educational Opportunities:

All credits earned in the program fulfill partial requirements toward a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) degree through the University of Montana OR fulfill partial requirements toward general education core in Communication Studies.

Administrative skills are needed to serve nearly every industry:

  • Call Centers
  • Business Support Services
  • Professional Office Support Services
  • Office Administrative Services
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Employment Services
  • Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services
  • Services to Buildings, Dwellings, and Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Government

Social Media Management Curriculum

The University of Montana catalog details degree specific credits and course requirements. The Curriculum Sequence suggests a semester-by-semester plan for students to complete the program.

Program Listing
Degree Type
Administrative Management, Social Media Management UM Catalog Associate of Applied Science
Administrative Management, Social Media Management Curriculum Sequence