Entrepreneurship Concentration

Students selecting the Entrepreneurship option will focus on venture initiation, constructing business plans, generating financing, and beginning operations. Areas of study focus on the critical factors involved in accounting, sales strategy, advertising and marketing issues complemented with supervisory skills. Students gain knowledge of basic disciplines of business through both classroom and hands-on training. Computer technology and web development are added components to assist students to compete in today’s changing business climate. Applications of the elements learned are included where practical. Successful graduates will depart with a comprehensive business plan and presentation skills required to approach financiers.

The Associate of Applied Science degree is awarded upon successfully completing the program.

Students entering autumn semester may complete the program in four semesters as outlined below. Students entering spring should meet with advisor prior to selecting courses

Entrepreneurship Curriculum

The University of Montana catalog details degree specific credits and course requirements.

Subject Type
Management, Entrepreneurship Associate of Applied Science