Medical Claims Service Specialist

Medical Claims Service Specialist - Certificate of Technical Skills
Michelle Boller, Director

Prepare yourself academically and professionally for claim specialist positions in insurance organizations and healthcare facilities. In this fast-track program, you will learn foundational skills to:

  • Understand medical terminology and human biology
  • Understand medical benefit plans and the claims process to responsibly verify the accuracy and receipt of claims and the analysis of information for processing claims to promote accurate and prompt reimbursement
  • Communicate professionally between peers, vendors, management, and customers in order to provide exceptional customer service
  • Recommend claims action steps to promote accurate and prompt reimbursement

Additionally graduates will work collaboratively with other team members to ensure the most positive service experience to both customers and vendors. On-the-job training and apprenticeships are possible in an “earn-while-you-learn” model.

Medical Claims Specialist Curriculum

The University of Montana catalog details degree specific credits and course requirements. The Curriculum Sequence suggests a semester-by-semester plan for students to complete the program.

Program Listing Degree Type
Medical Claims Specialist UM Catalog Certificate of Applied Science
Medical Claims Specialist Curriculum Sequence

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Medical Claims Service Specialist, Certificate of Technical Skills