Programs for High School Students

Missoula College offers options to help students prepare for college or to earn college credits while still in high school. Those options include Montana Career Pathways and Dual Enrollment. This website will help students, parents, high school teachers and college faculty learn more about those options.

Montana Career Pathways improves how students, parents, and educators get information about in-demand career options in Montana, and provides actionable information for students to explore and engage in careers while in high school.   

Dual enrollment is the broad term for various types of opportunities for high school students to take college coursework while they are enrolled in high school or are a home school student. 


  • One-Two-Free Program - Your first two classes, up to 6 credits, could be free! 
  • Courses may be offered at your high school, on one of our four campuses, or online.
  • Get a head start on earning a college degree!
  • Ease into College by gaining first-hand experience of the academic and time-management expectations for college success. 
  • Explore your options!