Frequently Used Forms

Dual Enrollment Checklist and Application Form

Be sure to fill out the application form COMPLETELY, including all required signatures. This form only needs to be filled out and turned in once, it does not need to be turned in every semester the student takes a dual enrollment course. Turning in an application for dual enrollment does not constitute permanent or regular admission to the University of Montana, including Missoula College.

Dual Enrollment Registration Form 

This form tells the Missoula College what classes you intend to take and needs to be turned in every semester you wish to register for a dual enrollment course. Speak to your Instructor or Counselor to see what courses are offered at your high school or what courses you could take at the Missoula or Bitterroot Campus'. 

Dual Enrollment Release Form 

This form authorizes a designated parent/guardian to ask UM/Missoula/Bitterroot College to release information about your courses; payment, enrollment, and/or grades.