Credentials Process for Secondary Teachers

Secondary teachers interested in teaching dual credit courses in their high school must work with their principal and the Program Manager of dual enrollment at Missoula College. Documents that need to be completed and submitted to the college include:

  1. Current resume/CV
  2. Transcripts (master’s in the required discipline or a master’s degree in a related field and nine credits in the required discipline)
  3. Faculty Affiliate form
  4. Course syllabus with outcomes

Dual Enrollment Faculty

  1. All dual enrollment faculty members must be approved by the college and must meet the minimum qualifications for faculty established by the Board of Regents in Policy 730.
  2. In addition to the minimum qualifications established by the Board of Regents in Policy 730, faculty members teaching dual-credit courses must have the K-12 licensure (Class 1, 2, 4, or 8) required by the Board of Public Education or the course will not be eligible for high school credit.
  3. Compensation of school district faculty teaching a concurrent enrollment course as part of their school district assignment will be addressed through the collective bargaining process of the local school district and the local bargaining unit.
  4. Dual enrollment faculty members are college faculty and will be selected, oriented, supervised, and evaluated using the same processes and criteria the college uses for non-dual enrollment faculty members. These processes may be modified for concurrent enrollment faculty in collaboration with the school district, but the processes will meet or exceed the faculty standards for accreditation by NACEP:
    1. The college will provide new concurrent enrollment faculty members with discipline-specific training and orientation regarding, but not limited to, course curriculum, assessment criteria, pedagogy, course philosophy and administrative responsibilities and procedures prior to teaching the course.
    2. The college will provide annual discipline‐specific professional development activities and ongoing collegial interaction to address course content, course delivery, assessment, evaluation, and/or research from the field.
    3. The college will establish and reinforce expectations

For more information on dual enrollment, review this document on the Montana University System website: