Students must be ready and able to meet all characteristics, eligibility requirments, deadlines and complete the applications needed!


  • Step 1: Pick up application materials from your high school counselor. Application materials can also be found under Frequently Used Forms.
  • Step 2: Have the required administrators sign your application for admission: counselor/principal and parent/guardian and submit to the Missoula College via mail or in-person. You will receive an acceptance letter in the mail once your application has been processed. 
  • Step 3: Class registration. Students in courses through their high school will be registered by the  Registrar’s Office. For college credit only courses students will register themselves via CyberBear
  • Step 4: Pay for your classes. Follow the instructions provided on CyberBear for fee payment or contact business services at the Missoula College (406) 243-7870 or the Bitterroot College (406) 375-0100.
  • Subsequent Registration: Registration for future semesters follows the same procedures. Although no application is required, a new signed registration form is required each semester.
  • For students who are taking courses on campus immunization records and a medical requirement form are required. Click here for more information.

Dual Enrollment Packet - Application/Registration Materials:

Dual Enrollment Checklist and Application Form - Be sure to fill out the application form COMPLETELY, including all required signatures. This form only needs to be filled out and turned in once, it does not need to be turned in every semester the student takes a dual enrollment course. Turning in an application for dual enrollment does not constitute permanent or regular admission to the University of Montana, including Missoula College.

Dual Enrollment Registration Form - This form tells the Missoula College what classes you intend to take and needs to be turned in every semester you wish to register for a dual enrollment course. Speak to your Instructor to see what courses are offered at your high school or what courses you could take at the Missoula or Bitterroot Campus'. 

Dual Enrollment Release Form - This form authorizes a designated parent/guardian to ask UM/Missoula/Bitterroot College to release information about your courses;payment, enrollment, attendance and/or grades.