What Do These Terms Mean?

Dual Enrollment

The broad term describes opportunities for high school students to earn college course credit while enrolled in high school.

Dual Credit

When credit is awarded by both the high school and the college for the same course.

College Credit Only

When college credit is earned but not high school credit for a course.

Concurrent Enrollment

A dual enrollment course that is specifically taught by an approved, qualified high school instructor, or college faculty member, at a high school.

Early College

Dual enrollment classes taken at a college or online through a college. May earn dual credit or college credit only.

Montana University System (MUS)

The Montana University System (MUS) is comprised of sixteen public universities and colleges throughout Montana.

Common Course Numbering (CCN)

The Common Course Numbering (CCN) system was established to provide Montana University System (MUS) students with a reasonable level of transparency and predictability for the transfer of courses and credits within the MUS system. 


Courses that are part of the MUS Common Course Numbering system are designed to transfer within the MUS system. Note: how the course is applied is determined by the institution and degree program.

Missoula College – University of Montana

Missoula College is the University of Montana’s two-year college, offering associate degrees and one-year professional certificates. Missoula College complements the four-year programs at UM and ensures access to workforce development that promotes a vibrant local economy. The college also offers general education coursework to students wishing to transfer in the future.

Drop (with no record of enrollment)

Student drops the college credit portion of the course, not high school, within the allowed timeframe. No college record of the student enrolling in the course.

Withdraw (‘W’)

A drop that occurs after the allowed timeframe for a drop will be recorded as a ‘W’ on your college transcript. A ‘W’ does not affect GPA.