Pharmacy Technology Certification (program currently in moratorium)

Mary McHugh, Program Director

Pharmacy Tech StudentThe profession of Pharmacy Technology is one of the fastest growing healthcare professions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 32% growth in the profession, meaning the job outlook for this career path is very positive. See the Occupation Outlook Handbook on Pharmacy Technicians here.

The Missoula College of University of Montana Pharmacy Technology Program offers the only ASHP-ACPE accredited program in the state of Montana. This is becoming the national standard for Pharmacy Technology educational programs. The 2-semester program includes internships where, after learning the appropriate, skills, you will be able to work in pharmacies to become familiar with day-to-day operations. After successful completion of the 2-semester course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Applied Science in Pharmacy Technology.


Pharmacy Technology StudentsAdmission to the Pharmacy Technology Program is competitive, the college admits up to 12 students each fall. Waiting lists are not carried over from year to year.  Applications are due either April 1st unless April 1st is during Spring Break.  In that case, applications are due the first Monday in April following Spring Break.  April applications are for admission into the subsequent fall semester, please contact the program director with any questions about the application prior to the due date. You can find the Pharmacy Technology program specific application here.

Please note that you will need to register as a technician-in-training with the Montana State Board of Pharmacy once you have been accepted into the program and in advance of the first day of class in the fall.  Please review the application to ensure that you qualify, you can find the  Montana Board of Pharmacy Technician-in-Training application here

The Pharmacy Technology Program is streamlined, so that if you have college-level skills in math, writing, and computers, you may complete all course work in 2 semesters.  Documentation of your skills will accomplished by completion of assessments in math and writing, and by a challenge of the CAPP 120 Intro to Computers course.  The assessments provide you with a score that indicates if there is a need for developmental courses, and which courses would be the most appropriate for your skill level. 

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Read the Pharmacy Technology Application and see the UM Course Catalog, to learn more about the Certificate of Applied Science in Pharmacy Technology. Applications are due no later than July 30. 


The University of Montana catalog details degree specific credits and course requirements.

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