Industrial Technology

William Hillman, Chair

The mission of the Department of Industrial Technology is to provide the regional workforce with credentialed, skilled, and competent entry-level technicians, and to be responsive to emerging workforce needs.  The Department encourages the development of teamwork and interpersonal communication skills required in the workplace.  It also stresses the importance of a strong work ethic and the value of continuing education and lifelong learning.  The instruction for the Department of Industrial Technology Certificate of Applied Science and Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree programs are primarily delivered at the West Campus at 3639 South Avenue West.  Some instruction is delivered at the East Campus or Mountain Campus.  

All students admitted to Industrial Technology programs are required to submit writing and math placement scores immediately upon admission to Missoula College or make arrangements to take these assessments. The math assessment can be taken on Moodle using your NetID login. To take the writing assessment, or if you have questions about the math placement exam, contact the Academic Support Center to schedule an appointment. Students who live outside of the Western Montana area may take the writing assessment at their local community college. Contact the Academic Support Center at (406) 243-7826 for either option.

Special Certificate and Degree Requirements

The general education requirements are included in the following courses of study. Refer to the Academic Policies and Procedures section of this catalog for the specific requirements.

Course Fees, Tools, and Supplies

Courses in all programs in the Department of Industrial Technology include additional course fees and require special tools and supplies for which students must pay. To obtain a complete listing of these additional items and costs, contact the program directors.

Prospective & Incoming Students

For information on admission, math and writing placement requirements, registration holds, and all other necessary infomration regarding admission to the Industrial Technology Department please view the Checklist for Industrial Program Applicants here

There are limited seats in Industrial Technology programs. Students must complete all of these steps, along with completing registration and payment, to secure their seat in the program. Registration will be closed when programs are filled for the upcoming term. We encourage students to regularly check their UM email for UM information, and Cyberbear account to fulfill payment requirements.

  • Contact Information
  • Rebecca Frost - Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (406) 243-7640

  • William Hillman - Department Chair
    Phone: (406) 243-7645