Testing Policies

Test Administration

Students should arrive a few minutes early and be prepared to start their exam at the identified time. Additional study time is not allowed, nor is additional time added for students arriving late, or for students who do not finish within the allotted time-frame.  Students must present valid photo identification at the time of the test.

Food, drinks, cell phones, MP3 players and other electronic devices not needed for the exam are not allowed.

Late Policy

If a student is more than 15 minutes late, the Learning Center will determine that the student is a “No Show” and the test will be returned to the instructor.  The student will need to work with the instructor to complete a new test modification form to reschedule the test.

Test Scheduling

Students are responsible for scheduling their exams with the Learning Center by making an appointment at least 2 working days in advance for most tests. 

For scheduling exams using modifications through DSS, follow this link:  http://mc.umt.edu/learning-center/Testing/Tests%20for%20DSS%20students.php

For scheduling make-up exams, follow this link: http://mc.umt.edu/learning-center/Testing/Make-up%20Tests.php

The Learning Center adheres strictly to the instructor’s testing directions.  Changes to a test appointment in writing by the instructor. Should a student miss a test, it is the student’s responsibility to make another appointment and complete all appropriate paperwork.  

Academic Honesty

Any student observed using any unauthorized materials or resources during an exam will be reported to the instructor.  The Learning Center has the right to stop an exam at any time if academic dishonesty is witnessed.  Academic misconduct is subject to an academic penalty by the instructor and/or a disciplinary sanction by The University of Montana. View the Student Conduct Code for more detail. 

For Faculty

Federal and State civil rights laws and University policy require that reasonable modifications must be provided to otherwise qualified students with disabilities.  Reasonable modifications assure equal access to University courses and do not interfere with academic standards or freedoms. 

 For the convenience of instructors, Disability Services in collaboration with the Learning Center, offers test modification services.  Instructors may choose to provide modifications independently or through Disability Services/Learning Center.  If a resource such as a private testing room is not available as requested, students will contact instructors to make alternative arrangements.  

 Instructors may ask students for verification of the right to reasonable modifications.  Disability Services provides a letter of verification to students for this purpose. Exactly which modifications will be provided are a matter of negotiation between instructors and students with disabilities, and Disability Services serves as a resource for both parties. 

 Testing on the Missoula College UM campus is coordinated through the Learning Center, 243-7826.  More information on Disability Services may be found at http://www.umt.edu/dss, or by calling 243-2243, or emailing DSS@umontana.edu