Tutoring in the Learning Center

Tutoring will begin for Spring 2019 after classes start on 1/10/2019.  Check back regularly for updates.

To Make an Appointment

*Appointments necessary for all math tutoring hours.  Make appointments at least 1 day in advance

Call: 406-243-7826


Stop by: MC022

More options for math help

Math Tech Learning Center: in MC230

For M065, M090, M095 

Math@UC - UC Commons, 2nd floor (Mountain campus)

For M065, 090, 095, 105, 111, 115, 121, 122, 135, 136

Math Learning Center (Math building, mountain campus)

For M121, 122, 151, 152, 162, 171, 172

Graphing Calculator Help:

Navigation & Basics: basic navigation, plus tips by math level

Prenhall: interactive visual models, extensive index by function


 Pearson, basics: interactive, practice with basic functions

 Brief overview video: starting with on/off, 8 minutes

 Video 2: second installment of series, 8 minutes

Free Online Calculators:

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Meta-Calculator: graphing, matrix, scientific, and statistical calculators

*Many free, online calculators exist!  Just search for 'free online graphing calculator" and choose your favorite interface.