Challenge Test Registration

Students interested in challenging CAPP120, Introduction to Computers may:

  • Take the examination during a scheduled day and time. The exam is normally offered the Wednesday before January or August orientations in Room AD12 at 1:00.
  • You must sign up for the challenge exam online using the Challenge Test form. You will be instructed to enter your UM identification number that begins with 790, your full name as registered, your NetID, and telephone contact in order to hold a seat for the challenge exam. Contact Nina Broshar (243-7805) if you have questions regarding this procedure.
  • A previous college level Introductory or Computer Literacy course may transfer or waive CAPP120. See Missoula College Student Services to obtain the appropriate form to begin the process if you have transfer credit. Brian Larson, Business Technology Department Chair (Room AD11G) will evaluate transfer credit.

The examination consists of three parts:

  • SHORT ANSWER questions with 80% accuracy from the following areas:
    • File management basics
    • Terminology: the "pieces and parts" of a computer system including the function performed by hardware (input, output, memory, processing or storage) and software
    • Internet terminology and search strategy
    • Windows basics and screen identification
  • PRODUCTION TEST, each with 80% accuracy in format and content for the following:
    • Business letter (block style) using a word processor
    • Workbook project incorporating appropriate formulas and formatting using a spreadsheet application
    • Simple table using a database management program
    • Simple slide show using a graphical presentation program
  • COMMUNICATIONS TEST with 80% accuracy for the following:
    • Internet research projects
    • Electronic Mail [Students must have an Internet accessible electronic mail account.]

Students are allowed two hours and one attempt to pass the examination. Students may not attempt to pass the challenge test more than once.