Remote Learning Student Resources

New Student Enrollment and Admission Services
Admissions and enrollment services continue to recruit students for Autumn Term 2020. New students can apply for admissions online https:// missoula-college/ default.php  Missoula College Admissions Coordinator Alberta Ramirez ( ) is available to answer specific questions.

Summer Programs
The Summer Program at Missoula College is slated to begin May 11. Missoula College has always had a robust online portfolio of summer courses. Online courses will be supplement with synchronous Remote Education courses. Summer is a great time to make progress in completing your degree early or on-time. Students looking to graduate with a degree in two years should complete 30 credits annually. Summer provides a great opportunity to catch up! See your advisor for further information.

Missoula College Academic Advising Services
The Missoula College Academic Advising Office has moved to the remote environment. Returning students are encouraged to schedule a remote appointment with one of our professional advisors using the Starfish Student Success Platform https:// . New and returning students can reach the Missoula College Academic Advising Center by phone (406) 243.7925 or email . Additional advising information is available at the Missoula Academic Advising website http:// aac/ . Career Technical programs should contact faculty program directors for registration and advising.

Missoula College Tutoring Services
The MC Learning Center has moved to remote tutoring options using Zoom video conferencing and online learning platforms. These services are still free and available to MC students! Further information is available by contacting Learning Center Directory Betsy Cincoski (406) 243.7826 |

Computer Laptop, WiFi Access, and Library
Computer laptops are available to be checked out  by students at no cost. If interested, contact Sam Schulz by phone (406) 243.7811 or email  The River Campus Building is temporarily closed to students, but WiFi access is available in the parking lot. The best location to access service has been reported to be on the NE side of the building. Online Library services are available to students 24-7 http://

The Mountain Campus University Center (UC) is open to students, staff, and faculty. Griz Cards are required with swipe card access through the North entrance and West entrance (coming soon).
Access to the UC is limited to:
• 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday
• 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday

Assistance with Remote Learning
Remote learning is new! Learn more at the UMOnline Keep on Learning website http:// keep_on_learning/ default.php

Curry Health Services
The Curry Health Center has developed a COVID-19 Information site for all UM Students https:// corona_virus.php

Not Sure Who to Contact?
If you have a concern or problem and you’re not sure how resolve or who to contact? Missoula College Vista Representative Sam Schulz ( ) is serving as Primary Point of Contact for Missoula College students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sam is available to help students navigate remote education during this uncertain times. Sam is available by phone Monday-Friday 9 am to 4 pm (406) 243.7811