Discover Business & Communications

Discover Business & Communications

This BESt Program group is intended for students who are considering pursuing business or communication studies, or who may find these subject areas and skills helpful in their current or future professional endeavors. Course subjects include accounting, economics, computer applications, communication studies, writing, and more!

Students should visit with their advisor for more information and assistance in selecting the courses best suited to their specific academic and professional goals and interests. 

Discover Business & Communications: Missoula College Courses

The courses listed below are offered through Missoula College. Prerequisites and semester rotations may apply.

Missoula College Courses
ACTG 100 Essentials of Accounting
ACTG 101 Accounting Procedures I
ACTG 102 Accounting Procedures II
ACTG 180 Payroll Accounting
ACTG 202 Principles of Managerial Accounting
AMGT 145 Records Management
AMGT 240 Administrative Support for the Office
BFIN 205S Personal Finanace
BGEN 105S  Introduction to Business
BGEN 160S Issues in Sustainability
BGEN 235 Business Law
BMGT 212 Critical Analysis for Business
BMGT 216 Psychology of Management and Supervision
BMGT 245 Customer Service Management
BMKT 109 Visual Merchandising and Display
BMKT 112 Applied Sales
BMKT 114 Psychology of Selling
BMKT 225 Marketing
BMKT 240 Advertising
CAPP 120 Introduction to Computers
CAPP 154 MS Word
CAPP 156 MS Excel
COMX 111A Introduction to Public Speaking
COMX 115S Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COMX 140L Introduction to Visual Rhetoric
COMX 205Y Deliberative Democracy
COMX 212X Introduction to Intercultural Communication
COMX 217A Oral Interpretation of Literature
COMX 219S Survey of Children's Communication
COMX 250 Introduction to Public Relations
CSCI 105 Computer Fluency
CSCI 172 Introduction to Computer Modeling
M 115 Probability and Linear Math
M 121 College Algebra
MART 214 Desktop Publishing
MART 232 Interactive Web II
WRIT 101 College Writing I
WRIT 121 Introduction to Technical Writing

Discover Business & Communications: Mountain Campus Courses

The courses listed below are offered through the mountain campus. Missoula College students are permitted to take up to six credits through the mountain campus each semester. Prerequisites and semester rotations may apply.

Mountain Campus Course Courses
ACTG 201 Principles of Finance
BGEN 220E Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
BMGT 101S Introduction to Entertainment Management
BMGT 275 Venue Management
BMIS 270S MIS Foundations for Business
CAPP 171 Communicating Via Computers
COMX 204X International & Development Communication
COMX 210 Communication in Small Groups
COMX 220S Intro to Organizational Communication
COMX 222 Professional Communication
COMX 240H Introduction to Rhetorical Theory
ECNS 101S Economic Way of Thinking
ECNS 201S Principles of Microeconomics
ECNS 202S Principles of Macroeconomics
PSCI 210S Introduction to American Government
JRNL 100H Media History & Literacy
JRNL 102Y News Literacy
JRNL 140A Introduction to Radio/Audio Storytelling
MART 111A Integrated Digital Art
MART 112S Introduction to Non-Linear Editing
MART 255 Introduction to Photoshop
STAT 216 Statistics