Investigate Technology, Math, & Sciences

Investigate Technology, Math, & Sciences

This Broad Exploratory Studies (BESt) Program group is designed for students who are interested in exploring STEM- and health science-related subjects and courses. (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Course subjects include biology, computer sciences, environmental studies, energy technology, geology, geography, mathematics, wildlife biology, and more!

Students should visit with their advisor for more information and assistance in selecting the courses best suited to their specific academic and professional goals and interests.

Investigate Technology, Math, & Sciences: Missoula College Courses

The courses listed below are offered through Missoula College. Prerequisites and semester rotations may apply.Note that course offerings vary by semester; please review the course schedule for the most updated list of available class sections.

Missoula College Courses
AHMS 144 Medical Terminology
AHMS 270E Medical Ethics
BGEN 160S Issues in Sustainability
BIOB 101N Discover Biology
BIOH 108 Basic Anatomy
BIOH 201N/202N Human Anatomy & Physiology I and lab
BIOH 211N/212N Human Anatomy & Physiology II and lab
CAPP 120 Introduction to Computers
CAPP 154 MS Word
CAPP 156 MS Excel
CAPP 254 Advanced MS Word
CSCI 105 Computer Fluency
CSCI 110 Programming: VB I
CSCI 113 Programming with C++ I
CSCI 135 Fundamentals of Computer Science I
CSCI 136 Fundamentals of Computer Science II
CSCI 172 Introduction to Computer Modeling
CSCI 215E Social & Ethical Issues in Computer Science
DDSN 113 Technical Drafting
DDSN 114 Intro to Computer Aided Design (CAD)
ITS 150 CCNA 1: Exploration
ITS 165 OS Commands & Scripts
ENST 231H Nature & Society
M 105 Contemporary Math
M 115 Probability & Linear Math
M 121 College Algebra
M 122 College Trigonometry
MART 214 Desktop Publishing
MART 232 Interactive Web II
NUTR 221N Basic Human Nutrition
SCN 105N Montana Ecosystems
SCN 175N Integrated Physical Science I
SCN 176N Integrated Physical Science II
WRIT 121 Introduction to Technical Writing

Investigate Technology, Math, & Sciences: Mountain Campus Courses

The courses listed below are offered through the mountain campus. Missoula College students are permitted to take up to six credits through the mountain campus each semester. Prerequisites and semester rotations may apply. Note that course offerings vary by semester; please review the course schedule for the most updated list of available class sections.

Mountain Campus Courses
ANTY 227 Human Sexuality
ASTR 131N Elementary Astronomy I
ASTR 134N Elementary Astronomy I lab
ASTR 132N Elementary Astronomy II
ASTR 135N Elementary Astronomy II lab
BIOB 160N Principles of Living Systems
BIOB 170N Principles of Biological Diversity
BIOB 171N Principles of Biological Diversity lab
BIOE 172N Introductory Ecology
BIOH 112 Human Form & Function I
BIOH 113 Human Form & Function II
BIOM 250N Microbiology for Health Sciences
BIOO 101N Survey of Montana Wildlife & habitats
BIOO 105N Introduction to Botany
CHMY 104 Preparation for Chemistry
CSCI 100 Introduction to Programming
ENSC 105N Environmental Science
GEO 101N Instruction to Physical Geology
GEO 102N Introduction to Physical Geology lab
GEO 106N History of Life
GEO 107N Natural Hazards
GEO 108N Climate Change
GPHY 111N Introduction to Physical Geology
GPHY 112N Introduction to Physical Geology lab
HTH 110 Personal Health & Wellness
KIN 205 Foundations of Health & Human Performance
M 151 Precalculus
M 162 Applied Calculus
M 171 Calculus I
NRSM 210 Soils, Water, & Climate
PHAR 110N Use & Abuse of Drugs
STAT 216 Statistics
WILD 105N Wildlife & People