Health & Human Performance

Health & Human Performance

The Health & Human Performance (HHP) Baccalaureate Tracks are plans of study for students interested in matriculating from Missoula College to the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences to first obtain an Associate of Arts (AA) degree followed by a Bachelor of Science (BS) or Master in Athletic Training (MAT) degree in Health and Human Performance.

The plan of study requires the student to:

  1. Complete the General Education Requirements for UM and the Associate of Arts degree, with an emphasis in Health and Human Performance
  2. Complete HHP major courses with a C- or higher
  3. Attain 60 or more credits upon earning the AA
  4. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  5. Early in the semester prior to earning the AA degree, complete the Missoula College graduation application with a Missoula College advisor
  6. Early in the semester prior to attending the mountain campus:
    1. complete applicable paperwork to become a mountain campus Health and Human Performance major, which is required for pre-registration of mountain campus classes
    2. contact the Department of Health and Human Performance to schedule an advising appointment with the  mountain campus academic adviser for the first semester at the mountain campus

Upon completion of these requirements, the student will have successfully matriculated into the Health and Human Performance major at UM with junior status.

Six Tracks: Which is Right For You?

Four of the five HHP Baccalaureate Tracks are designed for students who hope to complete the AA degree within two years. Each of these four is dedicated to focusing on one of the four HHP specialized degree options. The HHP Undergraduate Information website provides more specific information regarding each degree option.

The fifth plan of study is an HHP Exploration and Preparation track. This plan is appropriate for students who may want to first focus on improving their math and/or science background. The plan helps students earn their AA degree while completing many of the common course requirements for all HHP major options. This track is ideal for students who are heavily considering pursuing HHP, but may not be fully certain or may still need to decide on a degree option.

Community Health and Prevention Sciences Option Baccalaureate Track

Exercise Science Applied Option Baccalaureate Track

Exercise Science Pre-Professional Option Baccalaureate Track

Pre-Athletic Training Option Baccalaureate Track

HHP Exploration & Preparation Track