Each of the eight Sociology (SOCI) Baccalaureate Tracks is a plan of study for students interested in matriculating from Missoula College to the College of Humanities and Sciences, to first obtain an Associate of Arts (AA) degree followed by a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in either General Sociology or Sociology with an emphasis in either Criminology; Inequality and Social Justice; or Rural and Environmental Change.

These plans of study require the student to:

  1. Complete the General Education Requirements for UM and the Associate of Arts degree, with an emphasis in one of four areas of Sociology
  2. Complete SOCI major courses with a C- or higher
  3. Attain 60 or more credits upon earning the AA
  4. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  5. Early in the semester prior to earning the AA degree, complete the Missoula College graduation application with a Missoula College advisor
  6. Early in the semester prior to attending the mountain campus:
    1. complete applicable paperwork to become a mountain campus Sociology major, which is required for pre-registration of mountain campus classes
    2. contact the Department of Sociology to schedule an advising appointment with a mountain campus faculty member for the first semester at the mountain campus.

Upon completion of these requirements, the student will have successfully matriculated into the Sociology major at UM with junior status.

Which Track is Right For You?

There are two tracks for each Sociology degree emphasis, for a total of eight tracks. The track you select within your degree emphasis of choice will depend on where you place in mathematics. Please visit with a Missoula College advisor for more information.

General Sociology Baccalaureate Tracks

Criminology Emphasis Baccalaureate Tracks

Inequality and Social Justice Emphasis Baccalaureate Tracks

Rural and Environmental Change Emphasis Baccalaureate Tracks