Baccalaureate Tracks

Baccalaureate Tracks are specific plans of study designed to help students earn a two-year degree (namely, the AA degree) while simultaneously working towards UM baccalaureate degree requirements. Missoula College has worked with individual UM Departments to forge agreements to ensure that students completing Baccalaureate Tracks will enter into the major with numerous major requirements already fulfilled.

(If a student is pursuing a baccalaureate degree for which there is not a Baccalaureate Track, the student's advisor in the Academic Advising Center will work with him/her to build a tailored track that fits his/her needs.)

The length of time it will take a student to complete a baccalaureate degree after completion of a Baccalaureate Track depends on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, the specific major(s)/minor(s) the student selects and whether the student attends full- or part-time. Students are encouraged to be in contact with the advisor for the baccalaureate degree they intend on pursuing, in addition to working with their Missoula College advisor to ensure they are on right track. Contact information for UM baccalaureate degree advisors is available at the Mountain Campus Advising Directory webpage.