Certificate of Technical Skills (CTS)

Contact: Victor Valgenti

The Certificate of Technical Studies in Cybersecurity is meant to provide individuals with technical education in information assurance. The curriculum is based upon the Core Knowledge Units developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Students will gain skills in basic data analysis; programming; networking concepts; IT systems components; system administration; fundamental security design principles; cyber-threats and cyber-defense; cryptography; and policy, legal, ethics and compliance.

This certificate is a subset of courses leading to the Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology's concentration in Network Administration & Security and also to multiple baccalaureate degree pathways.

The NSA and DHS have designated Missoula College as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber-Defense Two-Year Education (CAE2Y). Those students completing the list of courses: CSCI 105, CSCI 172, CSCI 215E, ITS 150, ITS 214, ITS 222 will receive special recognition indicating completion of an NSA and DHS approved Cybersecurity CAE program of study.

Missoula College is a CompTIA Academic Academy and the University of Montana is a testing for industry certification. Students completing the course ITS 222 Enterprise Security have the option of testing for CompTIA Security+, a recognized Department of Defense industry certification.


Completion of six, 3-credit courses with a minimum grade of C-:

  • CSCI 105 Computer Fluency
  • CSCI 172 Introduction to Computer Modeling
  • CSCI 215E Social & Ethical Issues in Computer Science
  • ITS 150 Cisco Networking I
  • ITS 210 Network Operating Systems: Desktop
  • ITS 222 Enterprise Security

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Certificate in Cybersecurity


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Victor Valgenti - Program Director
Phone: 406-243-7913

Nina Broshar - Administrative Assistant
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