Paralegal Studies

Paralegal Studies - A.A.S. Degree
Tom Stanton, Program Director

This program is approved by the American Bar Association. The Paralegal Studies program prepares students for challenging and diverse careers in private law practices and in the law-related areas of business, industry, and government.

The goals of the Paralegal Studies program are to enable students, through theoretical and practical legal education, to understand the function of law, to work as paralegals in the effective delivery of legal services, and to enhance the legal profession. This program is designed to equip students with skills to analyze legal issues and to perform a variety of activities including drafting legal documents, interviewing clients, conducting legal research, and preparing cases for trial. Students utilize current technology through Internet research and legal and general office software applications.

Paralegal studies students receive the necessary legal training to take advantage of new career opportunities in all sectors of the economy. Students are exposed to the principles of legal ethics and are cautioned regarding restrictions against the unauthorized practice of law by layperson's. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

The Associate of Applied Science degree is awarded upon successful completion of the program. Students entering autumn semester may complete the program in four semesters as outlined below. Students entering spring should meet with advisor prior to selecting courses. Classes may take place on both Mountain and River campuses.

Paralegal Studies On The Radio

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Paralegal Studies Curriculum

The University of Montana catalog details degree specific credits and course requirements. The Curriculum Sequence suggests a semester-by-semester plan for students to complete the program.

Program Listing
Degree Type
Paralegal Studies UM Catalog Associate of Applied Science
Paralegal Studies Curriculum Sequence