Bystander Training

Training for New Students

Are you a new freshman, new transfer student, new graduate student, or new law student?  If you are a new student, you MUST attend a required in-person bystander training session (all other UM students are welcome and encouraged to attend).  Fulfilling the University requirement will allow you to register for classes in future semesters.

Sexual harassment and sexual violence are a national problem on college campuses.  At UM, we work together to make our campus a safe place.  This training empowers students to interrupt unsafe situations with students learning important strategies and techniques that can help stop this kind of violence before it happens.

When? Click on the following link to see the Bystander Training Schedule: .

How? Choose the session that works for you.  No need to register, but once the training is complete you will be asked to record your 790# (manually or by swiping your Griz card) for proof of attendance.

Campus maps:

Mountain campus

Missoula college campuses

If you have any questions about Bystander Training, please send an email to or call the SARC Office at (406)243-4429. 

Bystander Intervention New Student Training