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What's is the NetID?

The NetID allows campus users to connect to many online UM systems and applications with the same login and password.

The NetID format is two letters (first initial, last initial) and six numbers (e.g. "ab123456"). An “e” on the end indicates that it is an employee (e.g. "ab123456e") NetID. The initial password is the last six digits of the University ID (the 790 number).

You will also use your NetID to log into campus computers and the campus wireless internet (UMWpa).

Applications that use NetID and password: 

  • UMConnect (students only)
  • CyberBear
  • Remote library resources
  • UM Online Moodle
  • Wireless
  • VPN
  • IT computer labs

Find my NetID:

  1. Navigate to 
  2. click "What is my NetID" below the NetID field
  3. Enter your information

Don't know my password:

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Click "Don't know my password"
  3. Enter your information 

Change password:

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Click "Change password" in lower right corner
  3. Log in with NetID and current password

  Why should I use my student email account?

UM faculty and staff may only communicate electronically using your student email account; we cannot use personal email addresses.  This means your instructors, TAs, Financial Aid office, Business Services, the Registrar, your advisor, etc. all MUST use your student email account. Please activate and check this account regularly.    

How do I activate my UMConnect account?

  1. Login to using your NetID and password.  
  2. Click on the green Continue to UMConnect button, and then the green Activate button.
  3. Select your time zone (Mountain Time) and language.

How do I configure UMConnect?

You may configure various clients and mobile devices to access your email account via an Exchange connection.  Use your as the email address AND the user name, connect to the server  Contact IT Central for additional questions.  

What is my student email address?

You can find your student email address two ways:  

1. Log into your student email account:

1) Log in to  using your NetID and password.

2) Once you are in your email account, click the person icon in the top right corner (or click your photo if you've uploaded a picture to your profile).  A menu should drop down with your name, status options, and your email address.

2. Log into Cyberbear:

1) Log into using your NetID and password.

2) Click on Personal Information

3) Click on Manage Email Accounts

4) Your UMontana Alias is your student email address

Contact IT Central:

Social Sciences 126

Phone:  406-243-4357 or 406-243-HELP

  What is Moodle?    

Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is part of UMOnline, and is a common online component of many courses offered at Missoula College.  Think of it as an online classroom. 

You will use your NetID and password to log at either,, or you can find the link on My Missoula College or

Moodle 101 for Students

Moodle 101 for Students is a self-paced tutorial that will familiarize you with the general course layout and key features of your online courses. It takes approximately 30 minutes to work through the tutorial. You should consider enrolling yourself if you are new to Moodle.

Technical Support

On the Missoula College campus, contact the Learning Center at 406-243-7826 or stop by in AD06 for assistance.

For questions regarding your NetID or password, UMConnect email account, or for technical computer assistance, call the IT Central Help Desk at (406) 243-HELP (4357), 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday or email

Technical support for UMOnline and Moodle is available through the UMOnline Support Desk, 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday at (406) 243-4999 or by email at

Please Note: If your online course is not visible in Moodle at the beginning of the semester, please contact your instructor and ask if the course has been made visible to students. If the course has been made visible but you still don’t see it, please contact the UMOnline Support Desk.

MyLabsPlus (MLP) is online learning software that many courses use instead of Moodle.  Students can access MLP through the same login portal with their NetID and password. Some courses that commonly use MLP (instead of Moodle) are Math, Anatomy, Psychology, and Economics.

Support for MLP can be found at: Pearson 24/7 support 

List of services that use NetID, and helpful student resources.

IT Central Helpdesk 

Support for students, faculty, and staff.  Including support for wireless access.

Student Affairs IT 

Tech support for students, by students.

Navigation & Basics: basic navigation, plus tips by math level

Prenhall: interactive visual models, extensive index by function


 Pearson, basics: interactive, practice with basic functions

 Brief overview video: starting with on/off, 8 minutes

 Video 2: second installment of series, 8 minutes

Free Online Calculators:

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Meta-Calculator: graphing, matrix, scientific, and statistical calculators

*Many free, online calculators exist!  Just search for 'free online graphing calculator" and choose your favorite interface.