Make-up Tests


With instructor’s approval, students may take make-up tests in the LC.  Appointments must be made at least 2 business days in advance.

  1. Communicate in a timely manner with your instructor to receive permission to make-up the test.
  2. Make an appointment with LC staff at least 2 business days in advance by calling 243-7826, emailing, or visiting the LC in MC 022.
    1. You must know the course number and title, your instructor’s name, and the test you are taking (i.e. Test 1, or Chapter 2 & 3).
    2. LC staff will fill out and give you a Make-up Test Prescription slip with the details of your appointment.
  3. Deliver Make-up Test Prescription slip to your instructor for signature.  Be sure the instructor includes any notes or instructions as necessary.
  4. Arrive at your appointment on time with your signed Make-up Test Prescription slip, your photo ID, and only the materials you need for the test.
  5. If you must cancel, reschedule, or will be late, please notify LC staff as soon as possible by calling 243-7826, emailing, or visiting the LC in MC 022.  Remember: it is YOUR responsibility to communicate any changes to your instructor BEFORE you may take an exam.


Students are responsible for initiating the make-up test process, including setting an appointment, delivering the Make-Up Test Prescription to you for signature, and communicating any appointment changes.

  1. Appointments are necessary, and must be made at least 2 business days in advance.  This ensures time for communication between you and the student, gives you time to deliver the test, and allows the LC to schedule the tests appropriately.
  2. Be sure to include any pertinent notes, details, or instructions on the Make-up Test Prescription as necessary.  Unless otherwise noted, students receive the same amount of time as the class period.
  3. You may deliver tests to the LC in person by visiting MC 022, or via email at
  4. Please pick up completed exams during LC open hours.