Tests for DSS students

Students registered with DSS may take their tests in the LC.  Appointments must be made at least 2 business days in advance to ensure we can provide all modifications.  For a reader or scribe, appointments must be made at least 1 week in advance.  Read all Testing policies to be sure you understand your responsibilities.


Follow these steps to complete the appointment process:

  1. Fill out top portion of MC LC Modification Form.  Forms are also available at the Learning Center in MC 022.
  2. Together with instructor, fill out middle sections according to syllabus and letter from DSS coordinator. Please leave the “Learning Center Use Only” section blank.
  3. Have instructor sign completed form.
  4. Bring completed form and DSS letter from coordinator to the Learning Center in MC 022 to schedule exam.  You may schedule more than one exam at a time.
  5. Confirm scheduled times with instructor in case of any differences with syllabus.
  6. Arrive on time for your appointment with only the materials you need for the exam.  You must present a valid photo ID to LC staff before taking the exam.
  7. If you must cancel, reschedule, or will be late, please notify LC staff as soon as possible by calling 243-7826, emailing betsy.cincoski@umontana.edu, or visiting the LC in MC 022.  Remember: it is YOUR responsibility to communicate any changes to your instructor BEFORE you may take an exam

LC Testing policies.

Disability Services for Students


Students must initiate the testing process, schedule exams, and confirm with you.  Be sure to read, fill out, and sign the Testing Modification Form in order for students to take tests in the LC.  You must indicate your preference for exam delivery and return. 

After the student confirms appointments, please deliver tests to the Learning Center before the test appointment.  You may do so by dropping off a copy in MC 022, or by emailing a printable version to betsy.cincoski@umontana.edu.   Please pick up tests during LC open hours.